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Can Astrology Determine Our Destiny? (general)

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1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

We are all born with a good part of the destination marked or designed in some way. If we are going to find love, fame, health, money- all that, and much more, is written in our natal chart.
We find in our lives and in those around us abundant stories where "chance" or destiny unites people with their life missions, with their loves, with situations and events. Sometimes the action of destiny produces stories that completely change the lives of people. But, in most cases, we help our destiny with our actions.
Who did not meet, ever, dreaming: "What will fate have in store for me?" Of what energy will this unmanageable force that silently leads us be made? It seems to always have something prepared, something ready for us, beyond what we thought could happen to us. We must ask ourselves with what signals the destination of their arrival warns us, so that we prepare ourselves to live according to their designs.
Are we all born with a marked destiny?
From the knowledge of astrology, it is. We are all born with a good part of our destiny marked or designed in some way, as if it were a journey that is ready to be traveled by each one of us, a path prepared for us.
The question they always ask Indian Astrologer in Sydney is whether two people who were born the same year, the same day, at the same time and in the same place have the same natal chart. The answer is yes, but they do not have the same parenting environment and, probably in that "small" difference, there is the variable. Although, inevitably, the pace of their lives and their preferences will be very, very similar.

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