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Kindful is a smartly designed cloud-based donor management and fundraising software and database, specially crafted for non-profit organizations. It is one of the most effective CRM solution provider software with a user-friendly interface and detailed donor profiles. It provides easy access to mobile users that help users to donate directly from their mobile phones. This software is designed to incur revenues through charity and donation and lesser time in maintaining a database.Its promising feature is that it integrates appreciably with fundraising apps like PayPal, Eventbrite, and QuickBooks, which helps users to do cross-platform imports and collect all relevant data in one central hub. The users can differentiate donors and then can create groups based on dates, events, donations, events, etc. In addition, this app sends automatic thank you messages, tax receipts, and email campaigns. By using the data filtering feature in Kindful, it can create data and customize data dynamic reports.

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